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Mega Kalahari Game Farm Botswana

Reference : BBW11
Category : For Sale
Type : Game and Eco Tourism
Country : Botswana
State : Central Kalahari
Locality : Kalahari
R 160,000,000.

Mega Kalahari Game Farm

Extent of 25 300 Ha  (62517,662 acres)

Located North on the border of the Central Kalahari National Park, about 150 km South of the famous Okovango Delta and 50 km from the Makgalagadi Pans National Park.

Vegetation is Semi – Arid with a rainfall in the region of (280 – 350mm per annum). Vegetation comprises of good grass coverage including, Raa, Bushman, coach and more palatable varieties trees are dominated by Acasia and Albizea which are a food source for browsers.

Soils are mainly sandy to sand loam and deep Kalahari sands

Topography is mainly undulating.  It comprices valleys, sand dunes  plaines.

Game on the property: The vact expense of land hosts a spectrum of game species: Wild roaming lions are a big attraction with the 50 000 Ha and have enough animals to feed on. The main source of pray species are Kudu and Bluewildbeest.

Leopard, Cheetah and Hyena are plentiful.

Game include Gemsbuck, Kudu, Eland, Warthog, Rehartebeest, Impala, Giraffe, Duiker, Steenbuck and Zebra.

The nocturnal species of game like genet, badgers, porcupine and brown hyena occur in high average numbers.

Birdlife is prolific.  Several vulture species like black,  griffen, etc, occur.

Falconry species like Khoraan, Turtle doves, Guineafowl, Francolin and Grouse occur.

Raptors are plentiful, including Lanner falcon, Black shouldered kite, Bateleur, Black breasted snake eagle, Tawny eagle, Steppe Buzzard, Yellow billed kite, Gymnogene, Pygme Falcon and Secretary bird.

The largest flying bird the Kori bustard occur in high numbers

Water Infrastructure:

The mega Kalahari Ranch has a well equipped water infrastructure and the main source of water is boreholes , equipped either by solar energy with submersible pump systems or by means of  diesel fuel engines with mono pumps. Natural pans occur which are filled by rain during the rainy season or pumped by means of the boreholes

Price of the farm:

Botswana Pula 135million
US Dollar $15,8 million

Average land price is Botswana Pula 2700/ha or 316 US Dollar/ha

This property is on lease hold with rights secured for 15-70 years with the right of first refusal by the owners.

The farm is company owned


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